Syllabuses & Examinations

At Key stage 3 (11-14 years) the courses are based on the content of the UK National Curriculum. They do not lead to any form of examination, though assessment is integral to the course.


At KS4 (14-16) our courses are based on the IGCSE syllabuses from Edexcel. The IGCSE (or International GCSE) is well respected around the world, is accepted by 6th form colleges and universities and taught in many UK state and private schools. We have chosen this primarily because they do not have the controlled coursework required by other syllabuses. It is assessed by final examination only. For students currently following a syllabus at the time of joining Periplus, the IGCSE syllabus is very similar to other courses and any differences can be easily catered for – we will however need to come to a separate arrangement with regard to the coursework element if it has not already been completed.


With regard to examinations in the summer term each year, there is no compulsion to take an examination, for those who require it, will have to register privately through their local examination centres.