Reasons to consider home schooling

• Poor experience in local schooling – teaching style, bullying, class numbers

• Location – families that may have to live and work abroad for periods of time or live in very remote areas without easy access to a local school

• Family lifestyle – option to have more freedom and flexibility as well as choosing more parental involvement

• A practical choice for those who are not able to cope with the routine of school

• Studying at a pace and in a style which suits the individual learner so their specific needs can be met

• As a child grows and develops their learning style may need to adapt, this is achievable through a flexible home education

• Freedom and time to concentrate on the subjects a child enjoys, thereby nurturing their talent and pursuing their natural interests

• Children become self-disciplined and responsible individuals often from an early age

• A form of continuity of education for families who often have to move or travel due to the nature of some working parents

• An increase in self-motivation with a strong work ethic from a young age

• Provides the opportunity for parents to learn in tandem with their children which creates strong bonds and better communication in families through conversational learning

Benefits of home education