Periplus Home Education is a not-for –profit organisation initially conceived to meet the needs of the growing number of home educated students both in the UK and further afield. It remains our goal to be the provider of choice in this field through a potent combination of excellence and value.


In challenging the orthodoxy that the current school system provides the best environment for learning and individual development, we also recognise that our ‘product’ has much wider appeal to those requiring any form of short or longer term alternative to school and anyone requiring supplementary education. To this end we have set ourselves a challenge of becoming the leading provider of on line education for school age children within the next 5 years.

Periplus Home Education Vision

The On Line environment enables us to offer an approach to education that encourages students to learn when they are receptive, that minimises disruption by others and provides guidance alongside instruction. It is our hope that we will play a small part in a revolution that will change the way children are educated in the future.

An article 'Home schoolers - Entrepreneurs by any other name?' by John Edwards and Ignaty Dyakov has been published in the 'Families NW London' magazine, May-June 2011, p.10. - click here to read