Periplus Home Education Principal John Edwards' Speech

Hello. My Name is John Edwards and I am the Principal of PERIPLUS HOME EDUCATION.  


PERIPLUS is a new specialist education provider offering personalised solutions and effective support for home educated students and their parents in the UK and abroad. Through our virtual learning portal students access live teaching by qualified professional staff, extensive focussed learning resources and an on line forum to share experiences with other like minded individuals. Work can be submitted and assessed and examinations can be taken at all levels.  In addition our unique, frequent, drop in sessions, usually in a school building local to you, but outside school time, can provide access to specialist equipment, careers advice, vital one to one opportunities to embed learning, social and cultural events and, as required, advice and information for parents as well.


Educating your child at home is an option, embedded in law, available to all parents in the UK and increasing numbers of you are exercising this option for increasingly diverse reasons. The freedom to educate your child at a time and in a place of your choice can be extremely rewarding. It can enable you to focus on the particular aptitudes and talents that your child will have without the constraints of the national curriculum. It can provide a breadth of experience unavailable in schools. Nevertheless, taking this step can be daunting and you will probably still want the security of your child acquiring the qualifications and social skills essential for entry to university or the world of work.


This is where we can almost certainly help you.


If you already home educate, you will be have no doubt researched and used many of the wide range of resources available to support you, nearly all of which rely on written materials which you or your child have to interpret. For many subjects this will be adequate, for others less so. Our aim is to provide ‘packages’ exactly tailored to the level of support you need. Whether you want us to devise and deliver a full structured curriculum, provide a smaller range of subjects, perhaps you require one to one tuition occasionally, or you simply want access to the on line resources, the forum, or even just the drop in support and advice sessions, we will strive to meet your need.


Our extremely flexible, education anytime, approach can also offer exciting opportunities for those students, already in the state or independent school sector, who might require additional support from time to time. Through the availability of exactly the same packages available to our home educating clients, we can support your current subjects in many different ways from advice on homework to intensive tuition, or perhaps even enable you to follow courses not available through your own school.  


Whatever your educational requirement, we will be able to construct a package together that will meet your precise requirements and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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