FAQ about Distance Learning with Periplus Home Education

How does distance learning work?

Distance learning is a style of education where students work from home or a location of their choice and study/complete assignments as necessary. They will be provided with a tutor who will oversee and monitor progress as well as provide support, answer questions and check a student has fully understood their assignments. These sessions with a tutor can be as frequent as required and either online or face-to-face depending on circumstances.


What support will I receive?

We understand that distance learning is usually chosen because of time and/or distance separation; however, it does not mean being separated from support and advice which is as readily available as that in a physical learning environment.


Periplus Home Education will provide you with access to a team of tutors online who are available at a time to suit you. Simply log in to your Learning Zone and make a booking with your tutor during a time slot of your choice.


You will also have access to learning materials on our website to help you and your progress will be monitored so that we can ensure you are achieving your goals and following the right learning path for you.